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The name "American Driving School" actually dates all the way back to 1949! Originally started by an automobile manufacturer, they believed that offering driver's training to customers and helping them to get their driver's license would promote new car sales. The modern American Driving School was established in 1982 and graduates over 1,000 new drivers per year from many parts of the San Diego area. This school and the El Cajon Driving School are both owned and operated by DIJIT Enterprises, Inc. We offer a diverse group of Instructors with a long history of teaching both safe street driving and advanced driving skills. Our capability goes far beyond the usual Driving School that just teaches teenage driver's education. American Driving School offers a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of several types of drivers. Find out what Parents and Students have to say about American Driving School here


Teenage Driver Licensing Program

American Driving School is well-known at North County high schools as a great place to learn to drive. We offer our Students maximum flexibility, starting with the convenience of Drivers Education presented in an online home-study program. We provide free pick-up at home or school for Behind-the-Wheel training, with lessons available weekdays, evenings or weekends. All of our training vehicles are equipped with dual brakes and mirrors and are safety-inspected. And every driving lesson is a PRIVATE lesson, with just one Student in the car, so the full two hours of attention are devoted to developing skills for that driver only. With no guarantee of private lessons, teens at some other Schools may have to share time with several drivers and only get 40 minutes or an hour of actual driving in a 2-hour lesson. Splitting the cost of time and fuel among 2 or more Students may allow other Schools to charge less, but isn't creating safe habits for a new driver worth having the full attention of an Instructor? Excellent driving skills will last a lifetime and may someday save a life, so we teach in corners but we never cut corners.

American Driving School also provides a glovebox-sized Driving Practice Checklist to each new teen driver. Our goal is to help parents and guardians to provide consistent information as they help their teens learn to drive. For many parents, supervising a first-time driver is a new experience. The Checklist explains what the Driving Instructor taught in the first driving lesson. This is a useful tool for parents and guardians, allowing us to work as a team to provide the best experience as new drivers develop their skills.

Adult Driver Licensing Program

This specialized program is available tor adults (new drivers over 18) who have never had a driver's license, or those who have moved from another state or country and need a brush- up course to obtain a California Drivers License. American Driving School offers training for both the written and driving DMV tests. These courses include freeway, mountain driving, parking maneuvers, and all of the driving techniques necessary to pass the DMV driving test.

Senior Driver Programs

American Driving School provides instruction for Senior drivers who wish to prepare for their scheduled driving test at the DMV or have been required by DMV to re-take a driving test due to vision impairments, medical issues, or a driving incident. We are licensed to instruct Senior drivers who have a Special Instruction Permit and issue a DMV compliance letter.

Fleet Driver Program

For companies that employ a large number of drivers, American Driving School provides a defensive driver's education program for commercial drivers, limousine drivers, delivery drivers, passenger van drivers, and more. Each program is custom-tailored to the needs and conditions of the company, and can include classroom lecture, written testing, and in-vehicle training and evaluation. Our defensive driving course satisfies insurance company liability requirements for hired drivers. It can also contribute to reducing insurance premiums, vehicle downtime, workmen's compensation claims, and unhappy customers.

New DMV Instructor Training

Being a professional Driving Instructor is a very satisfying career, where one makes a real difference for people every day. With our long experience, proprietary teaching techniques, and reputation in the industry, American Driving School also offers a training course for individuals who wish to become a licensed Driving Instructor. This 60-hour course includes 30 hours of classroom and theory training plus 30 hours of in-car teaching techniques. Our training course prepares the individual to obtain a DMV Occupational License as a driving instructor. Once they obtain this license, they are eligible to teach at any driving school in the State of California. After 2,000 hours of teaching experience, they will be eligible to open and operate their own driving school if desired. Contact our Business Office for details.

Professional Speaking

American Driving School offers experienced speakers as seminar guests for PTA meetings, companies, corporations, service clubs and other organizations that desire a professional discussion about driving and safety. This service is available at no charge and may include discussion, video and written materials. Available topics include: Teen driving safety; parent responsibilities and how to teach their children to drive; emergency car control and defensive driving; the latest driving laws; dealing with a traffic stop and law enforcement; Do's and Don'ts at an accident scene, and other subjects as desired by the organization. For further information regarding any of these Programs, please contact our Business Office.

For further information regarding any of these Programs, please contact our Business Office.

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