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As a parent of a teenage daughter, I had safety concerns about sending her off in a car on her own, with someone I didn't know - so wanted to ride along for my daughter's driving lessons.  I called a few driving schools looking for one that would let me ride along.  The other schools all prohibited it. Then I found American Driving School, they actually encourage parents to ride along for the lessons. 
At first it was about safety, but after riding along for the 1st lesson, I realized the reason they encourage parents to ride along is so we can hear what the instructors say, and then continue reinforcing and practicing those same skills and concepts when we practice driving.  And I actually learned a few new things for my own driving, just by hearing what the instructor was teaching my daughter.
The instructor was always on time, friendly, and courteous. He seems to have been teaching driving lessons for some time because he has a clearly laid out system, takes time to go over each skill step by step, and then practice integrating all of the skills together.  He is really good at what he does and you can tell that he enjoys his work.  He was always calm and patient, and provided lots of explanations.  He even has handy print-outs that help show why he is teaching something - such as a diagram of where your blind spots are.  During the 3rd lesson, he even had us get out of the car and do a safety check of the car - he taught my daughter how to check the oil, tire pressure and tire-treads, and how to check the signal lights.  
Overall, I was really impressed.  American Driving School is the BEST DRIVING SCHOOL in San Diego!   I'd give them an A++++ !

SK, La Jolla

 My daughter and I enrolled at American Driving school based on online recommendations Ė particularly Yelp! We were met with the courtesy and professionalism of the entire staff.  It was an ease Ė from scheduling to the actual driving lessons.

I was with my daughter on all 3 lessons, and it made my daughter and me more comfortable. My daughter felt more confident when the Instructor commented on improvement she made from the first lesson. American Driving School does encourage parental participation. I didnít think twice to actively participate. It helped me become a better driver for I learned new things not taught back then. On my part, It was a time well spent and didnít regret any moment of it!

FS, San Marcos

 I wanted to say thank you for your instruction which was absolutely "on point" regarding my preparation for the California Driving Permit (after my years of bad habits picked up driving in South Africa and London)
The test was straightforward and I passed - first time - with no errors.
I'll be sure to recommend  your school to  teenagers preparing for their test.

   GL, La Jolla

I chose this company to help teach my daughter to drive because their program seemed to be one of the most complete and professional available.  We were extremely happy with how they treated us. The other reviews of this place confirm what we experienced:  thorough and professional. We clearly had the instructor's undivided attention.  The training materials and instructions given to the parents are very helpful to reinforce the professional instructions that the young driver received. They encourage parental participation and I decided to go on all 3 of my daughter's lessons.  It helped me to become a better driver.  I also was able apply some of their techniques when helping my daughter to get more experience behind the wheel.  My daughter felt confident and passed her driver's test on the first try, missing only one point.  I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anybody with a teenager that wants to learn to drive.

Our son passed his driving test with only 3 errors. The Examiner commented, "Good Scanning". He said you mentioned that he needed to work on that, so he scanned extra. Thank you for teaching him. I wish we had known about you when our daughter was learning. I think your approach is far better than what she had at Auto Club.

Thank you, again, for the terrific job you did teaching our son the essentials of driving. He enjoyed the lessons with you, and learned a lot. We appreciate the great work you and your School do to train skilled drivers. We look forward to seeing you again, with our daughter.
Reverend JH

Thank you again for the awesome driving experience you gave to Brianna! She is officially a licensed driver and did great on the test.  You made her experience memorable; she felt very comfortable with you which I know helped in the entire experience!! We will be contacting you in a year and a half for the next kid.

My son had 6 hours of driving lessons from another school and I didnít feel like he learned enough. After enrolling in American Driving School and riding along in back for his lesson, I understand why youíre so different. He learned much more in those 2 hours because you patiently told him HOW to do things. Iím telling everyone about you.

My friends at school were jealous when they saw me get in your nice car with the Earth graphics. The company they used had really old cars.

My daughter was so thrilled with what a wonderful, patient teacher you are. She felt she was able to remain calm and confident because of you. As my fourth child to go thru a driving program, I can honestly say the experience with your school is the best. I will be sure to recommend you to our friends who will be starting their driving journey.

I rode along on all three two-hour sessions with my daughter and the Instructor, and I can tell you from this experience that he is very patient, clear with directions, and had lots of helpful tips. I recommend riding along with your student so you can see the way he teaches- it's amazing! That experience allowed me to encourage and direct my daughter the same way he did, keeping the consistency while she and I did our practice. The School's cars are in great shape, newer, clean, and in great repair. I do not hesitate to give them a great review, and I will be using their services again soon for my other daughter. They are competitively priced, will come to your location to pick up your student (and you, if you wish), will drop off at your location, and are very safe and reliable. For convenience, price, and most importantly for content, I whole-heartedly recommend American Driving School!

Thank you for all of your patience! I felt very confident about the test thanks to having you as my Instructor, and I passed the first time.

My daughter completed 2 behind the wheel lessons from another driving school and both times came home completely flustered and about ready never to drive again. We're so glad a friend recommended American Driving School. The instructor was patient, explained everything in detail, not only to my daughter but to me so that I also understood how to practice with her. And they are extremely flexible and accommodating around our tight schedule. We now feel confident that our daughter will pass her test, and more importantly, will be a safe & secure driver. Can't say enough great things about this school!

  American Driving School should be your first choice when considering a driving school for your children. My son and daughter completed their behind the wheel with an Instructor who was wonderful: patient, kind, informative, knowledgeable, and he genuinely takes an interest in your children and their success. I have referred him to many of my friends and they have had the same experience. Do yourself a favor and call this School first.

I passed and got 100! Thank you so much for all of your help. I learned a lot, and thanks to you Iím going to be a smart and safe driver. Keep up the good work as a great teacher.

Look no further!!! Best experience of 4 children to embark on driving. The staff is professional, kind and had all the right answers. Other schools drop off and pick up your student with another student-YIKES! Parents even get a lesson before they drive away with your student so you can help them know how to adjust mirrors, etc. for a safer driving experience-Boy did I learn a lot! My daughter felt confident and calm for the entire lesson. Thank you for such a great experience! We will be sure to recommend your school!

Thank you sooo much for teaching me! I learned a lot and Iím going to recommend you to all of my friends.

I can't think of a better way to learn the ropes. My daughter is progressing through her lessons and about to get her license. I'm an over-protective dad and my anxiety about my little girl driving gets in the way of her learning. Our instructor took her through an intensive orientation that was nothing short of incredible. We're overjoyed with everything so far. Most importantly, I am not a nervous wreck when they are out on a lesson. You won't be sorry with this company!

Thank you for all of your help, you are an amazing Instructor. Iím recommending you to everyone else on the team at school.

This is a thank you note to your school and instructors. We were referred to you through a friend, and from the first day that my daughter got behind the wheel, I felt good knowing the intentions were never less than to make sure Raquel was safe as she was driving. I still remember her Instructor saying, "If you pay attention and follow my instructions, you will pass the test" Well yesterday Raquel took her driving test and passed.....Many thanks, I will also refer your company to my friends.

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