Senior Driver License Renewal

Preparing for the Test

When a driver reaches age 70, DMV requires Drivers License renewals to be done in person rather than by mail. Every Senior has different abilities regardless of age, so each renewal is treated individually. A multiple-choice written test is given to ensure understanding of current laws, and a vision test will also be administered. If the driver has difficulty passing the written test or the vision test reveals some concerns, DMV may then require a special driving test.

American Driving School is licensed to provide a professional review and preparation for Seniors to take a DMV Driving Test. A 90-minute brush-up drive will reinforce the skills needed to take the test with confidence.

Having drivers age 70 and over renew their drivers license in person is intended to screen drivers who may have developed some of the normal changes that gradually occur over the years. Flexibility (for lane changes and backing up), reaction time, or sharp vision can change with time. Although glasses or contact lenses may improve vision, some drivers still cannot see adequately to drive an automobile, especially at night.

Knowledge of current driving laws is also important since the California Vehicle Code is always being updated and few people keep up with the changes. The DMV requires drivers 70 or older to take a written test about laws and safe driving practices, to ensure the safety of both the driver and the motoring public. The latest California Drivers Handbook is available at any DMV office (or our Driving School would be happy to mail you a copy) and contains everything a driver needs to review to prepare.

Our Instructors are licensed and trained to evaluate the driving skills of Seniors and help them prepare for their Driving Test. We evaluate current driving skills and provide step-by-step instruction on techniques to improve skills needed to pass the DMV Driving Test. Sessions are scheduled for 90-minutes, we come to your home or other location you choose, and instruct in your own car for your familiarity and comfort.

Seniors or their loved ones can get the guidance needed to determine driving ability in the Golden Years. Contact American Driving School for experience in assisting Senior drivers.

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