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American Driving School is one of few Schools in California that offers a Fleet and Corporate Driver's Training program. We have designed this page to provide you with general information about our Corporate Driver's Training Program, and to bring into focus how this training program could make a valuable difference in your business.

One oversight of many companies, as they carefully check every important aspect of a new hire, is to overlook evaluating a new employee's ability to drive safely.

Some businesses require their employees to drive a company vehicle as an integral part of their job. Other companies use employees for an occasional errand or delivery. The problem is, whether they use a company vehicle or their own car, they're on company time. If they have an accident, the company could potentially have some liability.

We all observe other drivers who make mistakes on the road. Some of these errors are minor but others can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, many drivers aren't even aware that they made a mistake or broke the law. Other drivers take unnecessary risks, or just lack normal consideration for other drivers. Some drivers just have very poor driving skills, such as being unable to consistently make safe lane changes, back up or park in tight spaces, or maintain a steady speed and distance from other vehicles. These drivers work somewhere and could take these types of problems with them when they jump into a company vehicle. Employers could be at risk for increased insurance costs, increased vehicle repairs and down time, rising workman's compensation rates and potentially the cost of lawsuits

American Driving School can help your company to minimize these potential problems and become proactive with a simple and cost-effective employee driver's training program. Our company has been offering driver's training for businesses for over 25 years. Our thorough program includes:


On-site classroom training program which covers driving laws, defensive driving techniques, emergency procedures, pre-trip and post-trip techniques, methods to control emotions, space management skills and vision habits. These classes can take between two to three and a half hours. The length of the course depends greatly on the company's schedule and time available.


Part II involves one-on-one behind-the-wheel training in the actual company vehicle. Many of the companies we have worked with have found this to be by far the best “bang for their buck.” Keep in mind that just because an employee has a driver's license and they drove into your parking lot doesn't mean they can safely drive a company vehicle.

In Part II each company driver is taken out in their company vehicle and trained to drive CORRECTLY. They will be taught how to use the techniques that they learned in Part I. This includes learning how to adjust their mirrors, how to find the apex of a turn, proper use of clutches and brakes, while at the same time we have an opportunity to observe bad driving habits, vehicle abuses, and driver's attitude. We will also perform a brief safety inspection of the vehicle. Most managers and/or supervisors have reported to us that they were astonished at how little most of their drivers knew about the proper techniques of driving, and how much each driver admitted they had learned through this program.


Part III is designed to help maintain the knowledge obtained in this driver training program. The first step is done through testing at the end of the behind the wheel training. We administer an oral test with questions to find out how much information was retained. If the driver fails to answer some of the questions, they are provided with the answers. A written report is submitted to their supervisor on any general mistakes made during the training and the improvements they achieved during the program.

In step two we provide quiz sheets. These quizzes consist of approximately 15 multiple choice questions, again asking questions regarding the behind the wheel training. These questions are generally administered at safety meetings, and the answers to the questions are discussed for clarification.

Our Fleet Driver's Training Program is customized to match the hours and scheduling of each company. You may choose individual Parts or all three Parts to fit your particular needs. We hope you will consider American Driving School's Fleet Training course to mitigate risks, potentially save you money and time, and to support your employees with refined driving skills that they will benefit from every day.

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